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Enigin PLC

Enigin and MonstervisionIt's true we all like to back winners and Enigin partners are making the right choice – and so are we at Monstervision.

Enigin are a new dynamic company at the leading edge of energy management and we were the preferred choice for creating their unique corporate image in preparation for launch. We also developed powerful software solutions, and business development tools now harnessed by a growing number Enigin partners and distributors world-wide.

Following a very successful early working relationship Monstervision was purchased outright at the end of 2007 and the core design team are now based at Enigin's UK head office. Enigin PLC now host and maintain all Monstervision business interests.

Here is the exciting, irresistible and most timely marketing message that Enigin partners offer their clients: -

"So...You know all about Global Warming...the Energy Crisis...and the urgent need for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.

You'd like to do more about it… but at the same time, you’ve got a business to run, and business is really about increasing profits - not saving the planet.

But what if you could do both… - at the same time!

The fact is, saving energy not only reduces your carbon footprint - it reduces your costs  - which in turn increases your profits because every pound, dollar or euro you save is a pound, dollar, or euro on the bottom line.

A respected authority on Energy Efficiency states 'a robust energy saving program can have the same effect on bottom line profit as would otherwise take a 20% increase in turnover to achieve'.

Sounds great - right...but when are you going to get the time to implement 'a robust energy saving program'? You're already flat out running your business, dealing with immediate things like...keeping employee's happy...balancing the books...upgrading your IT...not to mention staying up to date with the changes in your own marketplace.

So let's be honest, an energy saving program may be important, but it will just have to wait...But hold on a minute...what if Enigin partners offered to do it all for you?

What if Enigin came in to your business and ran a specialized check on your energy consumption – which ensured you were using no more energy than you really needed...

What if Enigin trained all of your employee's to pursue energy efficient strategies - which meant that everyone was working together to reduce your carbon footprint, and your costs...

What if Enigin impartially recommended and commissioned the worlds finest load side energy saving applications - which provided substantial and immediate energy savings, and what if they guaranteed the energy savings to provide you with a risk free investment?

What if they did all of this and for less than it costs to fill your car with a tank of fuel...Does it sound too good to be true?

Well it was, until the arrival of EnergyMaps™ the new and unique Energy Saving Program from Enigin PLC.

Enigin – Profit With Integrity.

For further information on Enigin PLC please contact Lindsey Davis, Facilities Manager on 01726 871 040

November 2009 Update

So since the Enigin connection took place things have gotten more and more exciting here at Monstervision. We have been involved in some very exciting projects in the last year, and we wanted to post an update as to the things that have been doing. In terms of web development, we have been very busy indeed. The new website went live this month, and we are very pleased indeed with the feel and the look of the new website. We have managed to achieve a clean, “web 2.0” look that is completely in line not only with modern navigation expectations, but that is also considered quite fashionable in todays internet. The site not only functions as a great portal of information about Enigin as a company, but it also helps to bring across the feel and the professionalism that the company handle themselves with. We are very proud of it!

So things are going well here at monstervision. If you would like more information about any of this, please feel free to contact us either through this website, or by calling us on 01726 817 040.

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